Friday, July 24, 2009

things getting better.

i was still sleeping though it is already 11 o'clock.then my phone rang.RRINGGGGGG.i answered the call."hello, cik nurulyana adeeb?saya dapati awak hendak membuka account bsn?"oh!the voice seems so familiar.then it hit me!"NORYANG!!".

Noryang is my knight and shining armour.she's my house.she's my dog.she's my bestest bestest friend.i really really missed her.she's in us now,furthering her studies.oh yess,i'm really proud of her.but yet,i'm sad too,not having her presence in my daily life anymore.but a friend gotta do,what a friend gotta do.i let her go.she was happy.i'm happy for her.

i remembered the old days where we would yell at each other just because some stupid thing.yess,she is a tough girl,she had her points,and of course i wont back off from mine.we had different views,she and me.we are like totally opposite in i could say that we would always fight.but at the end of the yelling,we'll always know that we dont need those difference.all the yelling and arguments would ended up with hugs and tears,her tears of course.i'm too ego.but somehow now i wish i shown her my tears,just too show how hurt and how much i loved her.

~ha.when i first know her,the first thing i said to her is,"noryang?peliknya nama,guess we both have the same unique name"~haha

i also remembered how worry she get if i've done something wrong.i'm so sorry,but sometimes,i dont like to involve her in some of my's not because i dont trust her,but it's because i care for her and dont want her to do the same mistakes as i did.

we were the targets of our warden
back,noryang,nonet and qistina.we would be so defensive to each other,because of that,the the warden was really ticked the warden have to punish all of us together instead of punishing one of was fun having to clean the toilets together.the punishment turned out to be a fun activity when we're together.and of course the warden wasnt so happy with the noises we made during the punishment,it gets to her nerves.boohoo. i missed having noryang by my side each day and night(this is because she always refuse to sleep in her own bed).no one could replace you,noryang.


zeckie said...

rnd korg owh
gdh dua2 xnk klh
2 lwk

adib_helmet said...

im touched...huhu
i mean it...
hope that this friendship you own would lasts

abell.j.swank said...

man is like horse.

if the horse is sad, it's like the man is sad,

if the horse is strong, it's like the man is strong.

if the horse is hungry, just like the man is hungry,

if the horse em, is happy, it is just like the man is happy,

if the horse is tall, it's like the man is tall,

if the horse is fat, it's like the man is fat,

I LOVE YOU.just ignore my sweet and lovely poem.:)

Anonymous said...

awwwww..there are two things... i miss u guys ouh! seriously.. the annoying two people that i miss a lot! ahahahahaha... and secondly.. uuuhhhhh!!! there's a different side to abell now i see.. ahahahahahah