Friday, July 24, 2009

things getting better.

i was still sleeping though it is already 11 o'clock.then my phone rang.RRINGGGGGG.i answered the call."hello, cik nurulyana adeeb?saya dapati awak hendak membuka account bsn?"oh!the voice seems so familiar.then it hit me!"NORYANG!!".

Noryang is my knight and shining armour.she's my house.she's my dog.she's my bestest bestest friend.i really really missed her.she's in us now,furthering her studies.oh yess,i'm really proud of her.but yet,i'm sad too,not having her presence in my daily life anymore.but a friend gotta do,what a friend gotta do.i let her go.she was happy.i'm happy for her.

i remembered the old days where we would yell at each other just because some stupid thing.yess,she is a tough girl,she had her points,and of course i wont back off from mine.we had different views,she and me.we are like totally opposite in i could say that we would always fight.but at the end of the yelling,we'll always know that we dont need those difference.all the yelling and arguments would ended up with hugs and tears,her tears of course.i'm too ego.but somehow now i wish i shown her my tears,just too show how hurt and how much i loved her.

~ha.when i first know her,the first thing i said to her is,"noryang?peliknya nama,guess we both have the same unique name"~haha

i also remembered how worry she get if i've done something wrong.i'm so sorry,but sometimes,i dont like to involve her in some of my's not because i dont trust her,but it's because i care for her and dont want her to do the same mistakes as i did.

we were the targets of our warden
back,noryang,nonet and qistina.we would be so defensive to each other,because of that,the the warden was really ticked the warden have to punish all of us together instead of punishing one of was fun having to clean the toilets together.the punishment turned out to be a fun activity when we're together.and of course the warden wasnt so happy with the noises we made during the punishment,it gets to her nerves.boohoo. i missed having noryang by my side each day and night(this is because she always refuse to sleep in her own bed).no one could replace you,noryang.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pleading for help!SOS!

here's the thing,i'm very very absolutely sure i'm going to get thrown with lots and lots of eggs this weekend.this have been a tradition for me and my friends at this particular day.Ayen,my friend had been thrown eggs by us yesterday and i got bumped on the head for this.i got lots of scratches on my left hand,left knee and my left side of my head.ouch![poor me,but what the heck.;)]and now its my turn.this saturday is going to me to be the next victim.

so,i thought,while they had their fun,why shouldnt i give them something something that they didnt expect.i was thinking about..

1)filling a watergun with yolks and fire at them before they throw the eggs at me.can u actually fill a watergun with yolk?does it work that way?

2)or maybe i could use a plastic full of egg yolk and use them to pour it to their face.(not a good idea actually because there are like 7 of them versus 1 me)

so,would u please give me some ideas!desperately need them!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I asked for excitement,and god gave me....

ever watched shallow hal?here's a hint,it's the part when hall met his witchdoctor.

so here the story goes,i was out on a family outing to the enormous well-known-not-so-favourite-place,mid valley.we were celebrating mummy's birthday,yeay to her!we went for lunch at chilli's.i was belly looked as if it wanted to about good food man.hee~we were happy,ful and enjoying ourselve.blablablabla.enough withe the gay part.

as people always says,'dont be too happy,later on you'll cry'.except,i didnt do the crying part.(oh ok,i admit,there was a drop of tear,a small one.really small.hee)

we were going back to the carpark,we had to go through THE GARDEN.our carpark was on the fifth floor,so we HAD to take the other normal people do,they wait for the lift.when the lift arrived,we entered the lift.everything was fine.the lift stopped on the first floor,two beautiful chineese women came in.and then the lift started to move up again.*thupp*the light went off.'oh man!what now'i monologed.the lift wasnt moving,not even an inch.the aircond had was quiet and really,really little sister held my legs,she is small of the darkness,i hugged her,she was scared i could trying to be a hero,i comfort her and tried not to cry.mummy was relaxed as if nothing had happened.she is brave.

to overcome the darkness,i used my flash on my phone's camera and tried to find the alarm button.the two chineese girl was so panicked and was complaining about the hotness.geez those girls are really crybabies.oh and yess,i found the alarm button.pressed it and RRRRINGGGGGRRINGGGGGGGRRINGGGGGGG it goes.

i was nearly out of breath when the lift man came and rescued head were dizzy due to the lost of oxygen.when the lift man came,we were so relieved.imagine spending about 30 minutes in a dark box without any air and vision,man.they got us out and told us that there was a blackout on that particular wing so all the lifts were stucked but others had already been saved.

its been a lesson to us,so after that,we climbed to the fifth floor by using the escalator.stupid THE GARDEN.

but hey!its an experience that not everyone have right?so what the heck.;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

praying for excitement

i clicked on every page that i could. looking at familiar faces and what their life had been.every pictures and every words they gave seems so real.eventhough there's sadness,anger and also hatred.but they seem so alive.people had moved on.but why do i feel the same.the same-old-same-old adeeb.

the sands in my clock of life had stopped falling.there is nothing new.nothing if my destiny is to live the same story again and again.i've lost my passion,i've lost my target.i had lost my excitement.i laughed,oh yes i every jokes to every hilarious thing that happened to me.but everything seem so unreal.even my smile.even my feelings.

staring at the blank page of my blog,i decided to write.write anything that is on my mind.hoping that i could see that my life is more than a blank paper.

the things that is in my mind;-

and then i realised,this is a huge problem.bigger than the world can i resolve this problem?oh god please help me.

Friday, July 3, 2009


the red line in the tube of the thermometer is rising i can feel is the hotness of the atmosphere.sweats are pouring like rain through the pores all over me.i cant stand this!i refuse and cant bare this heat all over me!i know all of you are feeling the same as i am.what could i do to (as the science teachers says.) overcome this 'matter'?what could WE do to stop the temperature from rising?

So,i've set up a new list of priorities for me to follow.
here are the ideas of mine on how to stop the thermometer from bursting:

i)first of all,never buy aerosol cans!
~i'll rather get bitten by mosquitoes or those 'euwwy' roaches than using sheldtox or dont need those harmful CFCs!

ii)do the 3R fellas!reduce,reuse,recycle.
~i strongly suggest that the school should start this program.We use like tonnes of papers a day!so,to put myself out of guilt,i'll try to minimise the usage of papers as well as recylcle all my used papers.

iii)switsh the 'OFF' switch
~use less energy people!save eletricity.i never stayed up till late night so this step is rather easy for me. to you guys who want to help the earth,instead of using the main pendaflour lamp,why dont you guys spend some bucks on buying a new table lamp!(oh,i've already bought one!just in case.hee~)the lesser the energy we use,the more we contribute to help global warming.

iv)use thumblers people!
~an intelligent way to resuce the usage of plastics,polystrene cups and those wastage's easy,effective plus stylish!so,head to the nearest starbucks!they got killer thumblers in various designs.;)

v)last but not least,value trees.these green wonder have been helping us to live,so lets help them to stay alive.i've already planted some small plants at could do the same as well.;)

there are lots of ways to help this poor earth.i think the aliens took care of thier planets better than we to those who hate earth,its the only freakin planet you can live on!if you dont like earth that much,commit suicide.(not an advice).if you see me holding an umbrella during the day,it just show how i'm protesting against the heat.

that's all for now. until then.adios amigos friends!;)