Friday, February 13, 2009

they said..

Since I have nothing to say about me,I've asked a few angels to tell me about ME.
So I grab my phone and start tapping on some buttons.
Here are their response.


"U r charming,intelligent,unpredictable,bright and rabak. Haha."-hadi

"She is a warm person who has no problem striking up a conversation as her beatific smile puts everyone at cacat :]"-yayang

"Ko comel ngan manja!"-man

"Ko intelligent,ko makan gambar,ko sedap,gigi kau buruk,no komen"-mans college friends which I never saw

and aulia never replyed.

So here I want to say that thanks to all of you that had responded.gracias.

The thing is,I never thought of myself the way you guys thought about me. Its hard for me to put 'me' into words but you guys made it.

The reality is,people can easily judge you but just dont give a fuck about what they say. Either its bad or good,just enjoy what people think about you because in the end,only you know who you really are.


ps/:drop off some comments about what you think about me.just be honest because it wont hurt.;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Words;)

Hey guys.after struggling and re-over thinking the thought of making a blog,at last,I FINALLY MADE ONE!(cheers to me).

So,keep on coming in and see what i gotta say.