Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pleading for help!SOS!

here's the thing,i'm very very absolutely sure i'm going to get thrown with lots and lots of eggs this weekend.this have been a tradition for me and my friends at this particular day.Ayen,my friend had been thrown eggs by us yesterday and i got bumped on the head for this.i got lots of scratches on my left hand,left knee and my left side of my head.ouch![poor me,but what the heck.;)]and now its my turn.this saturday is going to me to be the next victim.

so,i thought,while they had their fun,why shouldnt i give them something something that they didnt expect.i was thinking about..

1)filling a watergun with yolks and fire at them before they throw the eggs at me.can u actually fill a watergun with yolk?does it work that way?

2)or maybe i could use a plastic full of egg yolk and use them to pour it to their face.(not a good idea actually because there are like 7 of them versus 1 me)

so,would u please give me some ideas!desperately need them!


atyn :) said...

haha. after diorg baling telur kat kau. hug them weh. and let them feellllll it!

yana.kulup said... then they all will be scattering away!
thanks atyn!