Thursday, July 16, 2009

praying for excitement

i clicked on every page that i could. looking at familiar faces and what their life had been.every pictures and every words they gave seems so real.eventhough there's sadness,anger and also hatred.but they seem so alive.people had moved on.but why do i feel the same.the same-old-same-old adeeb.

the sands in my clock of life had stopped falling.there is nothing new.nothing if my destiny is to live the same story again and again.i've lost my passion,i've lost my target.i had lost my excitement.i laughed,oh yes i every jokes to every hilarious thing that happened to me.but everything seem so unreal.even my smile.even my feelings.

staring at the blank page of my blog,i decided to write.write anything that is on my mind.hoping that i could see that my life is more than a blank paper.

the things that is in my mind;-

and then i realised,this is a huge problem.bigger than the world can i resolve this problem?oh god please help me.

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adib_helmet said...

i used to feel like that...the thing is u dont hav to worry about it.sometimes,those people only wrote something small in a big way,or a hiperbolic way to get attention.or maybe they saw something different or exciting in a very common thing,that others would ignore.the real thing is we live the same life.only our vision and experiences that made it looks different to each of us.
just live ur life the same way u did is called honest it honestly and spontaneously, and someday u might find something or someone interesting.dont ever wish u were someone else or wearing others' shoes