Friday, July 3, 2009


the red line in the tube of the thermometer is rising i can feel is the hotness of the atmosphere.sweats are pouring like rain through the pores all over me.i cant stand this!i refuse and cant bare this heat all over me!i know all of you are feeling the same as i am.what could i do to (as the science teachers says.) overcome this 'matter'?what could WE do to stop the temperature from rising?

So,i've set up a new list of priorities for me to follow.
here are the ideas of mine on how to stop the thermometer from bursting:

i)first of all,never buy aerosol cans!
~i'll rather get bitten by mosquitoes or those 'euwwy' roaches than using sheldtox or dont need those harmful CFCs!

ii)do the 3R fellas!reduce,reuse,recycle.
~i strongly suggest that the school should start this program.We use like tonnes of papers a day!so,to put myself out of guilt,i'll try to minimise the usage of papers as well as recylcle all my used papers.

iii)switsh the 'OFF' switch
~use less energy people!save eletricity.i never stayed up till late night so this step is rather easy for me. to you guys who want to help the earth,instead of using the main pendaflour lamp,why dont you guys spend some bucks on buying a new table lamp!(oh,i've already bought one!just in case.hee~)the lesser the energy we use,the more we contribute to help global warming.

iv)use thumblers people!
~an intelligent way to resuce the usage of plastics,polystrene cups and those wastage's easy,effective plus stylish!so,head to the nearest starbucks!they got killer thumblers in various designs.;)

v)last but not least,value trees.these green wonder have been helping us to live,so lets help them to stay alive.i've already planted some small plants at could do the same as well.;)

there are lots of ways to help this poor earth.i think the aliens took care of thier planets better than we to those who hate earth,its the only freakin planet you can live on!if you dont like earth that much,commit suicide.(not an advice).if you see me holding an umbrella during the day,it just show how i'm protesting against the heat.

that's all for now. until then.adios amigos friends!;)


adib_helmet said...

im right behind u...whatever it takes for mother earth!hehe

adeeb said...

gee.adib thanks!
i'm holding up red payung every day now!
gedik sunggo!