Sunday, July 19, 2009

I asked for excitement,and god gave me....

ever watched shallow hal?here's a hint,it's the part when hall met his witchdoctor.

so here the story goes,i was out on a family outing to the enormous well-known-not-so-favourite-place,mid valley.we were celebrating mummy's birthday,yeay to her!we went for lunch at chilli's.i was belly looked as if it wanted to about good food man.hee~we were happy,ful and enjoying ourselve.blablablabla.enough withe the gay part.

as people always says,'dont be too happy,later on you'll cry'.except,i didnt do the crying part.(oh ok,i admit,there was a drop of tear,a small one.really small.hee)

we were going back to the carpark,we had to go through THE GARDEN.our carpark was on the fifth floor,so we HAD to take the other normal people do,they wait for the lift.when the lift arrived,we entered the lift.everything was fine.the lift stopped on the first floor,two beautiful chineese women came in.and then the lift started to move up again.*thupp*the light went off.'oh man!what now'i monologed.the lift wasnt moving,not even an inch.the aircond had was quiet and really,really little sister held my legs,she is small of the darkness,i hugged her,she was scared i could trying to be a hero,i comfort her and tried not to cry.mummy was relaxed as if nothing had happened.she is brave.

to overcome the darkness,i used my flash on my phone's camera and tried to find the alarm button.the two chineese girl was so panicked and was complaining about the hotness.geez those girls are really crybabies.oh and yess,i found the alarm button.pressed it and RRRRINGGGGGRRINGGGGGGGRRINGGGGGGG it goes.

i was nearly out of breath when the lift man came and rescued head were dizzy due to the lost of oxygen.when the lift man came,we were so relieved.imagine spending about 30 minutes in a dark box without any air and vision,man.they got us out and told us that there was a blackout on that particular wing so all the lifts were stucked but others had already been saved.

its been a lesson to us,so after that,we climbed to the fifth floor by using the escalator.stupid THE GARDEN.

but hey!its an experience that not everyone have right?so what the heck.;)

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adib_helmet said...

i thought ur going to write 'god gave rock n roll to you' (the KISS's song)hahaha

you really are a hero kn.very brave and calm.from your story at least.hehe